Modern Jigsaw Puzzle with ukrainian artists

Play with friends, family or by yourself. Better together.


Author's design

We chose authors whose work inspires us, and in cooperation with them we created unique, bright and soulful images.


Produced in Ukraine

We create added value and design in our home country. In production, we consciously use secondary raw materials so that no tree is harmed.


Good service

We will sign a postcard from you when you order puzzles as a gift. We will write any of your "insides", even if it is about a russian warship.


A charity jigsaw puzzle to support Ukrainians.

Independence — is not just a term or a state’s holiday in a calendar. This is the fundamental value with which Ukraine starts, the value praised by poets and writers BEFORE us and what will remain AFTER.
This illustration shows that being independent has never been easy for us, but without this struggle, we would never have become what we are today, the Ukrainian nation.


More details


Limited puzzles
from Ukrainian artists

We have gathered the best Ukrainian artists who are gifted with their superpowers. Each puzzle is a strengthening of confidence in ourselves
and in our victory.


We create puzzles,
which help you rest

We founded Frisson with a simple goal –
to help organize your thoughts
and have a great time at home.



Your balance

Collecting puzzles helps to reduce the level of stress, and also stimulates brain activity, increases the level of concentration and attention. Both hemispheres of the brain begin to work in balance. It brings order to your life.


Better together

Like people, puzzles are better together. When they complement each other, creating a single whole. A difficult, at first glance, task helps to understand that any goal or dream can be achieved in small steps, on the 1st detail. Nothing is impossible.



A favorite game

Puzzles are an opportunity to slow down time
and feel like a child. A carefree little one who doesn't need to rush anywhere. Even if the puzzle does not end. You can do it one on one with yourself, or you can do it with friends. 500 parts will be enough for everyone.


Pheel, @pheel.ings

A bright return of the culture of collecting puzzles. The number of nice things inside, and the relevant and important philosophy, are pleasantly impressive. In general, I'm glad that puzzles are coming back in such a cool, thoughtful, modern format.


Kate, @smurf_kate

They were collecting until 2 am, they could not stop. It was difficult, but mega drags on and it's difficult to put it off for later. It's like Lego, but more complex and interesting.


Marina, @vchorashnyaaa

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Even coasters for mugs, so you can comfortably drink coffee while doing puzzles.
Even my husband, who is far from this beautiful thing, was in shock.



Hello. ✌️

My name is Ksenia.I'm founder of Frisson.

Since childhood, I loved to collect puzzles, even when could not afford them. Grandma cut postcards, and I collected them - that's how we spent time, developing cognitive abilities.

Thanks to my love for Ukrainian brands and experience working in local companies, I gathered courage and in 2021 decided to launch my own small business so that everyone could "put their puzzles together".

Every day I think about improving myself and my brand, so if you are interested, subscribe to our Instagram to be the first to learn about new products. I will be very grateful to you.


Have questions?

If you did not find the right answer, please write to us.

  • What size are the puzzles?

    At the moment, we have the only size of puzzles available - 32x47 cm.
    Perfect for gathering on a classic desk or coffee table.

    The number of parts is 500 elements. However, we are already planning puzzles with a different number of details, for different audiences, with different levels of difficulty.

  • Where to start collecting puzzles?

    We recommend starting to assemble puzzles from the frame. Such details are easiest to find among others and just as easy to combine with each other.

    Then you can continue with large bright objects.
    For convenience, puzzles can be sorted immediately by color.

  • How is delivery carried out?

    Worldwide delivery

    We ship to any country in the world (except russia and belarus) by Ukrposhta.
    The delivery time is from 14 days.

    The cost of delivery is included in the price of the puzzles.
    If you have additional questions, write to us at any time and in any convenient way:

    +38 063 415 20 20 (telegram)

  • How can I pay?

    Online payment by Visa and MasterCard

    Conveniently pay with any MasterCard or VISA bank card without commission.
    As well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    You can pay in addition to the order amount (at your request) on our PayPal.
    (all funds will go to the needs of charitable foundations and organizations)
    Morozenko Oksana

  • How to use the parts warranty?

    We guarantee free replacement of up to 5 parts in case of loss or damage. Since we are a bit of a perfectionist in this regard, we cannot allow our puzzles to be inferior.

    If you have such a situation with the loss or damage of a part: assemble your puzzle completely, take a photo of the problem area and send the photo to us in Telegram
    +38 063 415 20 20 or on Instagram

    We will determine which part is necessary and send it to you by Nova Poshta.